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At Complete Air Conditioning and Refrigeration we provide a wide range of commercial and air conditioning services. We know that as a commercial business, having properly operating refrigeration systems and a/c is critical to keeping your business running smoothly. It's a matter of safety when it comes to keeping food, drinks and other perishables cool and fresh.

We aim to provide professional services and top of the line equipment that will last for years without wearing out. We provide full installations for all of our products and ongoing maintenance and servicing to keep things running smoothly for the long term.
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Cool Rooms

Our team can provide cool room design and installation for your unique situation. Whether ongoing for regular events, a one off or just on occasion, we can provide cool rooms to keep your business running smoothly, no matter where you are located. Each cool room can be customised to meet your exact specific requirements in terms of space and accessories.


Air Conditioning

We provide commercial air conditioning installation and ongoing maintenance as well. Commercial air conditioning systems require special considerations since they are often more complicated and larger scale than residential systems. Our expert team has the skills and tools to handle even the largest of installations to keep you and your customers cool and comfortable in your establishment. We also provide ongoing maintenance and repairs when needed to keep your air conditioning working at peak performance.
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Having a properly running refrigeration system is of the highest importance for commercial businesses. We specialise in refrigeration design and construction so you can get a unit that perfectly meets your space and feature requirements. We also provide ongoing maintenance to make sure your units keep running for years to come. We can perform routine inspections and repair small problems before they become larger and more serious.